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Irene Rudnyk Inspired Session

Hello, readers + happy Friday! Are you also excited for the weekend?!

I am so delighted to be able to share this blog post; this session is something I've been trying to accomplish for upwards of a year; I've recruited different models, used different locations, and have spent quite a bit of money on outfits (although we only ended up using one), only for me to never be happy with how the images come out. I know a great deal of my frustration was my models not knowing how to move, pose, and change their facials by the means I was asking and this is likely because I was asking my friends. It's safe to say not everyone photographs well for certain looks so this was a lot of trial and error.

Last week, I was dying to create something for myself and I reached out to my followers on Instagram in search of a model for the day. My friend, Rachel, who I photographed during the super bloom wanted to take another jump in front of my lens for a different style of a shoot. She came to my house after work, I touched up her make up, and then we were off to find the golden light around my apartment complex.

We first went to a place that had a bunch of tree overgrowth on a fence (at least from the last few times I walked by) only for us to realize it had all be chopped off. We wandered until we found a big beautiful tree which is where most of our images were captured. After about fifteen minutes the sprinklers turned on so we grabbed our stuff and ran! When we found our next location, it wasn't as great as the first and after snapping only three images, those sprinklers turned on. We were growing a little frustrated and debated going to a wall right around the corner because we didn't know if we would beat the sun.

When we decided to take the chance and arrived at the new location, we had exactly ten minutes before the desert sun went over the mountains but the light was gold and magical and made my heart so happy. I wish I had a little more time so I could have captured a few more angles and poses but Rachel was a champ and powered through out short amount of time. I've attached mine + Rachel's favorite images from the session below. Enjoy!

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