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Things to Know About Rachel Ash Photo

What I do + why I am a lifestyle newborn + family photographer, as well as, a modern real estate photographer. Documenting the authentically amazing moments of babies, couples, + families is so enjoyable to me because I grew up in a broken home and have found love in the hearts, energy, + spaces of perfect strangers. Love is love, life is chaotically wonderful, + there is so much beautify in the simplest moments. Real estate photography started as a way to make some extra income when I first started doing photography professionally + in the beginning I told myself I likely wouldn’t be doing this for my career. However, the relationships I have created with return real estate agents is the main reason why I continue to photograph properties. It’s also so cool to see so many different designs of visions come to life in renovated homes, rental/investment properties, + meeting families who are growing into bigger homes. I’ve actually met quite a few family clients while photographing properties + if that isn’t divine timing in all of our lives then I don’t know what is.

My brand story My story is lengthy as I have been very indecisive my whole life about basically everything, but in the end the ultimate goal of being a professional photographer has not changed. Before I wanted to be a photographer, I wanted to be a writer - someone who told captivating stories about romance, adventure, and even some mystery/SciFi. As a young hopeless romantic, I received a lot of skepticism about me being too young to know what love is or to even be thinking about it to the capacity of being consumed, writing poetry, short stories, obsessing over novels and movies, anything that was filled with love. One could say its because I didn’t receive enough love as a child, others will blame it on my astrology birth chart, and others will say I live in a fantasy. I like to believe it’s a blend of the three, but I am in no way ashamed of being in love with love. After writing and writing, I wanted to pair my poetry with imagery to convey the unspoken and between the line emotion portrayed in my writing. Eventually, I stopped writing and stuck with my camera instead of the pen. As technology has evolved, my love for pen + paper has grown so I am doing my best to dedicate some time every week to brain dump and slowly get back into writing more often. Like many other photographers, I started by photographing my friends and family. By the age of 15 I got paid to document my first wedding for a couple who was getting married at a wedding venue managed by my mother. The couple wasn’t expecting much but by the end of the night they thanked me for being everywhere, as well as, for my professionalism as a very young, bright eyed dreamer. I photographed a few weddings at the same property after that, did some senior portraits, entered + won art contests and scholarships, and went on to graduate high school with an award for vision and detail from the school and cities of Palm Desert + Yucaipa. I began my college journey + quickly found I wasn’t learning anything new, however, I continued with college until I was told I ran out of funding from the state and would have to make payments that I could not afford to continue my higher education. I was a little heart-broken, I had a year left but I used my new free time to get back into shooting my friends and family rather than the projects we were given in school. While doing photography as more of a partially paid hobby, I had other jobs to keep my dream alive. I have worked in retail, restaurants, for photography companies, graphic design firms, and even some other self-employed ventures. I think it goes without saying that I work hard, I love to learn + improve my craft, I love to inspire, and I love connecting with all those who I have the honor of putting in front of my lens. One of my proudest achievements is having an image published in the 420 edition of Inked Magazine in 2017. To all the people who said I wouldn't have milestones as a stoner photographer were so wrong, I literally got paid $500 for ONE photo, met some amazing people, and I am so proud of myself for having this experience under my belt. While I was discovered for my marijuana photography I was also photographing elopements, families, and couples (emotional + authentic people - my favorite subjects). A few years into doing this as my sole source of income, I discovered Redlands Community Hospital needed a newborn photographer. I signed up for that and was quickly taken in to create some magic documenting the first hours of life, motherhood, and a growing love. With COVID going on, unfortunately, I have not been in the hospital photographing newborns as frequently as I would like but I am hopeful things will return back to normal soon. I am thankful for my real estate clients who have basically been paying all of my bills this past year, new families + couples who trust me to document a special milestone in their life, and even individuals who have worked hard towards getting their degrees. I am so grateful to have a job of celebration, connection, and genuine love.

As of most recent, I have taken a dive into branding photography. It has been so much fun helping other small business owners create content for the social media and websites, learn more about my community, and make connections to last a lifetime. It is so amazing to watch people grow, succeed, and break free out of self-limiting beliefs. I am a cheerleader for life, the good, the messy, the exciting, and the emotional.

My brand categories (5 pillars of Rachel Ash Photo)

1.) lifestyle photography

2.) cozy home life (my aesthetic, cats, plants, cute stuff, personal growth)

3.) colorful food

4.) sunlight + shadows, reflections, nature

5.) being mindful + present, gratitude for now, words of positivity

Who you’re posting for (your ideal client) My ideal clients are families, new and old, couples, seniors, people who love to celebrate the big and small milestones, and real estate agents/ property investors or management.

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