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Empowered Women Empowering Women

This is my first blog post in a while so, forgive me if my words are not as swooning as I hope to make them about this absolutely amazing experience I had the opportunity to create with another small business owner.

There is a trend in the photography community going around called the flower shirt trend. When I first stumbled upon this trend, I was so taken back by its beauty, simplicity, and empowerment that it offered the viewer's eye and soul.

The only reason I was able to make this happen is because I also recently did a creative styled shoot with an amazingly talented + kind florist who I have known for a few years but haven't worked with on any projects in a while. I arrived early to help set up the shoot, catch up, view her schedule for the day + we exchanged a lot of incredibly uplifting words to and for each other but also discussed working together more in the future. Since this styled shoot in February, we have already worked together an additional 2 times for creative sessions we both had in mind.

The first being this flower shirt shoot. We set it up relatively quickly because Megan had extra flowers left over from an event that week. First we had it set for just one model, but quickly had others want to jump in on the beauty that we were to create. Come the day of the shoot, the weather was bad, like it was snowing bad. We had models drop like flies because they didn't want to pose half naked in the snow, which is TOTALLY understandable and we now have plans for other creative shoots in the future. The crazy thing though is that neither of these hiccups could stop us. It only encouraged us to come up with something quick, it was definitely worth it!

Megan being the badass florist she is volunteered to model and ya know, I think for a florist these are the COOLEST photographs to have for her business page(s). She also got one of her close friends to model with her so it turned into this women empowering women, best friend shoot. It was literally breathtaking to watch the snow fall from the sky, land in their beautifully done hair, and on the spectacular bouquets Megan made.

These ladies are art and beauty in every single way.


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